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Reasons a Quality Ukulele Is Better for Beginners and Professionals - Island Bazaar Ukes

Reasons a Quality Ukulele Is Better for Beginners and Professionals

Here are the reasons a quality ukulele is better for beginners and professionals alike.

Top musicians recommend buying a quality instrument even for beginners. Read the reasons buying a quality ukulele is important to beginners and professionals

Are you looking to find the perfect ukulele that’s high-quality but still fits in your budget? Whether you’re just learning to play or you’re an experienced ukulele player, professionals recommend that you buy a good quality ukulele for many reasons. 

If you’re ukulele shopping and want to find the best options, keep reading our guide to learn about the types of ukuleles available, the disadvantages of buying a cheap ukulele, and what ukulele brands are the best for beginners and professionals.

Types of Ukuleles

There are four types of ukuleles that you should know about before buying one. Each type is a different size and produces a different sound, so you should see which ukulele fits your personal style the best before buying one. 


Soprano ukuleles are the most popular type of ukulele because of their compact size, high pitched tone, and more affordable pricing. Their small size gives them the advantage of portability but the disadvantage of having smaller frets which can be more challenging for players with large hands. 


The concert ukulele is just a little bigger than the soprano but has a wider range of notes that it can play while producing a fuller sound. Since this ukulele is larger, the frets have more space, making it easier to play. Concert ukuleles are a bit more expensive than sopranos. 


Tenor ukuleles are very similar to the concert ukulele, but they’re larger in size, louder, and offer more range. Tenor ukuleles are an ideal choice for more experienced ukulele players who want to play more chords. Tenor ukuleles are more difficult to transport and cost about the same as concert ukuleles. 


The baritone is the largest type of ukulele and has a much deeper sound than the other types. Baritone ukuleles are a great option for guitar players who are looking to learn ukulele because of how large they are and how they’re tuned like the bottom strings of a guitar. Baritone ukuleles are more expensive than the others. 

Disadvantages of Cheap Ukuleles

You might think that you’re saving money when you buy a cheap ukulele, but in the long run, you’re more likely to either spend more money to replace your instrument or even give up playing due to frustration. Buying a high quality ukulele will spare you from these problems and allow you to better invest in your music.

They Don’t Sound as Good

Many cheap models of ukuleles are made so stiff that they don’t produce the right vibration when they’re played, which can cause your instrument to sound dull and out of tune. That isn’t to say that cheap ukuleles can’t sound good, but there will be a noticeable difference when compared to one made with better-quality wood. 

They’re Harder to Play

Cheap ukuleles are often harder to play. Their frets can be small and uneven, making it difficult to play specific chords. You may even need to press harder on the strings to produce the right sound. Beginners are more likely to get discouraged and even give up learning to play, defeating the purpose of even buying a ukulele. 

They Break Easily

Cheaper instruments don’t last as long because they’re not made from the best quality materials, so it only makes sense that they would break easily. On a cheap ukulele, the strings are more likely to break, the wood is more likely to warp or crack, and the tuners are more likely to snap off.

They’re Difficult to Tune

Having an out-of-tune instrument may seem like an easy fix for an experienced player, but for a beginner ukulele player, it can be detrimental to how they learn to play. As you learn to play, you learn what it sounds like to be in tune, and when something is out of tune, you learn how to tune it

Cheap ukuleles do not hold their tune for long, and then to add to that, they’re more difficult to tune. If you’ve ever played a stringed instrument, you know how important it is to tune it every day, so imagine trying to retune your ukulele multiple times in the middle of practicing and then just giving up out of frustration.

Good Quality Ukulele Brands

Now that you know of the disadvantages of buying a cheap ukulele, you’re probably wondering what the top quality ukulele brands are and where you can find them. We’ve made a shortlist below of some reliable ukulele brands that are great for players of any experience level. 


Kala is one of the most well-known ukulele brands, and for a good reason. Kala has a wide catalog of ukuleles for everyone; whether you’re a beginner or a legend, you’re guaranteed to find a ukulele that meets your needs with Kala. 

Kala ukuleles are all individually handcrafted, with varying types of quality wood and designs to keep each piece unique. You can take a look at some of Kala’s beautiful ukuleles here on our website


While Kanilea has a wide range of ukuleles, they have many high-end ukuleles for serious musicians. Kanilea ukuleles are individually handcrafted with the best materials available and can be custom-made if you have a specific design that you want. If you’re interested in Kanilea ukuleles, you can take a look at some in our catalog.


Kamaka was established in 1916 and has been proudly making their top-quality ukuleles with the same techniques as they did back then. Kamaka’s ukuleles are made of aged Koa lumber and are said to withstand the test of time. Kamaka ukuleles are difficult to find because of their high demand, but we do have some here on our website.

Invest in Yourself With a Quality Ukulele

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, buying a quality ukulele is the best way to invest in yourself and your music. Buying a cheap ukulele may save you money, but it comes with too many disadvantages. 

So, are you ready to buy a ukulele now that you’ve learned what to look for? Take a look at our collection of ukuleles and see if there’s anything in there that strikes a chord with you. 

Reasons a Quality Ukulele Is Better for Beginners and Professionals

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