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5 Ways We Put Our Customer's Interests First

Here at Island Bazaar Ukes, we’re changing that narrative by putting YOUR satisfaction first.  We understand that you face all these obstacles… which can be a real cause for concern.  That’s why we’re offering Five Ways We Put Our Customers Interests First at Island Bazaar Ukes.

Five Ways we Put Our Customers Interests First

Unlike most ukulele online and retail stores, at Island Bazaar Ukes, the customer is key. 

First, we make sure that the types of ukuleles we offer, SopranoConcert, Tenor, Baritone, Banjolele and Bass ukuleles are always a cut above the rest

Second, we ONLY sell ukes from the leading manufacturers in the industry; truly the highest quality ukulele instruments made.  We offer ukuleles made by Kala Brand Ukuleles, Kamaka Ukuleles, Kanile’a Ukuleles, Koaloha Ukuleles, Ohana and Romero Creations.

Third, our shipping policy allows us to give you the added benefit of FREE SHIPPING on all uke purchases over $250.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big spender or a modest one, you can still get your ukulele and its accessories without paying additional for expensive shipping.

For customers ordering ukes and accessories below the $250 free shipping threshold, we ] have something for you as well.  We assure you timely shipping of your order anywhere in the US for just $19. This offer makes us one of the most affordable options available anywhere on the internet.

Forth, we have a retail store.  Unlike most of the online ukulele sellers, this is a fantastic chance to play and hear the sound of your uke before you make your purchase.   We’re located in Huntington Beach, CA – an easy drive from anywhere in Southern California. 

Fifth, if you can’t visit our store, please CALL us and we’ll FaceTime to review the instrument and Chad, our resident Uke-Guru will play your uke.  While it may not be as good as visiting in-person, our personalized system will give you a good idea of what your uke will sound like.

At Island Bazaar, we focus on product quality and delivery while you focus on creating music that will last for generations.


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