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Fine Baritone Ukuleles from Island Bazaar Ukuleles, Huntington Beach

Here are a few great things about the baritone ukulele.
  • A deeper and richer sound - The larger size of the baritone ukulele means that it is more resonant than a soprano ukulele. This gives it a deeper sound that is reminiscent of an acoustic guitar.  Many ukulele players prefer this style, particularly when playing the blues, jazz, or pop music.
  • Guitarists can play it immediately -If you are already a guitarist, you will find the baritone ukuleles easy to play, thanks to its familiar D, G, B, E tuning. You will be able to play many of the songs you already know immediately.
  • Learning new songs is easier - Because the baritone ukulele shares the same tuning as an acoustic guitar, you can often learn new songs using tablature or song sheets designed for guitar. This means you can immediately use the hundreds of thousands of transcripts written for guitar that are online — you won’t have to seek out ukulele-specific song sheets.
  • It is louder (usually) - A baritone ukulele’s larger internal cavity also makes it louder than most soprano ukuleles. This can be useful if you are performing in front of people or playing with a band.
  • More generous spacing between frets - Baritone ukuleles have more space between frets, which makes them easier for guitarists with large hands to play.
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