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Top Reasons To Buy a Ukulele Humidifier | Island Bazaar Ukes - Island Bazaar Ukes

Top Reasons To Buy a Ukulele Humidifier | Island Bazaar Ukes

Here are the Top Reasons To Buy a Ukulele Humidifier

A helpful tool for most wood instruments is a humidifier. Here are the top reasons why you should buy a ukulele humidifier when you purchase your ukulele from The Island Bazaar Uke store. 

1. Dry air may warp or even crack your ukulele. 

Purchase a humidifier and we'll ship it in the uke / case to keep your uke in an environment thats neither too dry or too humid. Dry air is the most common culprit for supporting cracked wood.  Wood can shrink or crack when wood gets too dry.  When we ship your uke with a humidifier, it can protect your ukulele from reaching a high levels of dryness. 

2. A ukulele case alone is not enough to protect your new purchase from humidity damage. 

Maybe you're thinking that a strategy might be to place your uke in its case, place it in a dark closet, and forget about it.  Oops.  This is not a substitute for a humidifier. A significant increases or decreases in humidity inside the case can still have an effect on your uke.  The ideal humidity is between 40% and 55%.  Too little leads to cracks and low action.  If the  wood gets too much exposure to moisture it may swell and bloat anc cause buzzing and raised action. A uke humidifier keeps the moisture in your instrument case at the proper level.

3. Your instrument will feel and play more consistently even if it is not at risk of damage.

Cracking and warping are probably the worst think that can happen to a ukulele that’s exposed to dehumidified climates.  But, there are other problems that can arise that a can be solved with a humidifier. Changes in humidity affect your height of the strings (action) by lowering it as your uke drys or raising the action if it swells.  Your frets can begin to feel sharper as the fretboard wood contracts away from the metal.  This gives you a rough feeling fretboard. At the same time, the bridge can dip causing intonation issues.  Buying a humidifier when you purchase a ukulele from The Island Bazaar and you'll have a more comfortable playing experience.

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Top Reasons To Buy a Ukulele Humidifier | Island Bazaar Ukes

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