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Small but Mighty: Unlock the Potential Of Bass Ukes

Are you a bass guitar player looking to diversify your practice a bit? Well, then you should give bass ukuleles a try. 

These pocket-sized ukes (seriously, they fit in your backpack!) are a truly exciting novelty in the music universe. They allow you to produce genuinely lovely sounds, which some may compare to electronic drums.

Would you like to get your hands on one of these cool little things? You've come to the right place. 

At Island Bazaar Ukes, we offer an excellent selection of one-of-a-kind bass ukuleles. Ready to find your best ukulele ever?

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An Ever-Growing Collection

Our selection of bass ukuleles has only just been launched, but we are already excited to expand it soon with new, unique pieces added on a regular basis. Have you seen something you like? Then, make sure you grab it now before it's gone for good!

The Best-Quality Ukuleles You Can Find

Music doesn't sound as good if you don't use a really good instrument. If you're serious about your ukulele practice, you shouldn't settle for cheap, low-quality pieces.

At Island Bazaar Ukes, we are proud to be offering you a range of bass ukuleles that are unbeatable in quality, price, and style. We currently stock Kala mahogany ukes and Ohana ukes, both of which enable you to capture fantastic bass notes to deliver exceptional sound quality.

Want to hear even better news? All our bass ukes are currently on sale: better pick yours quickly!

All You Need to Take Your Uke Practice to the Next Level

Did you think that great ukes are all we specialize in? Think again. At Island Bazaar Ukes, we are excited to offer an extensive range of additional products, accessories, and services.

Meaning, you won't need to look elsewhere for all your uke essentials: just come to our store (either online or in real life!) and get all you need to take your uke practice up a notch.

How Much Do Our Bass Ukuleles Cost?

Our bass ukuleles are truly unique, and our prices reflect that. If you're looking for a starter piece, then our Kala Mahogany Nomad Acoustic-Electric U-Bass is perfect, at only $199.99.

Are you a more experienced player and seeking something a bit higher-end? Then, look no further than our Ohana U-Bass Rhythm Line Series Obu-22 with gig bag. It's a bit more pricey, but the sound quality is truly sensational.

Need something a bit more professional but don't have a huge budget to play with? Our Kala Exotic Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Bass Ukulele with Case Em-Fsies Obu-22 with gig bag is the perfect compromise between great quality and affordable price.

Sing to Your Own Tune with One of Our Great Bass Ukuleles

Be bold, be brave, and be creative: choose a bass uke to give your uke practice a new, exciting vibe! Take a look at our catalog or come see us in-store. We guarantee that you'll find just the perfect bass ukulele for you.


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