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The #1 Online Store to Buy the Best Tenor Ukulele in the United States

Take your music experience to the next level with Tenor Ukulele. Tenor Ukuleles are the largest of the three most common sizes and are favored by popular virtuosos.

Get a Special Tenor Ukulele

The ukulele is a four-stringed acoustic instrument that originated from Hawaii. Ukuleles are a perfect way to promote or expand a musical passion due to their relative ease of playing and low cost.

Our ukuleles are one of a kind; none is similar to the other. Once we sell one it's gone. However, we have several brands in stocks. Our ukuleles are made with mahogany, cedar, and other high-quality wood materials. The rich mahogany is combined with black binding and Grover geared tuners with black pegs.

Our current stock includes:

• The Ohana Laminate 14 Series Tenor Ukulele
• The Ohana Laminate - 10 Series Tenor Ukulele
• The Kala Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele Model Ka-Sa-T
• The Kala Satin/All Solid Flame Maple Cutaway Concert Ukulele Model Ka-Asfm-C-C
• The Kanile'a 5-String Hawaiian Premium Curly Koa Super-Concert Ukulele With Tru-R Bracing And Case Model Kpa-C-Sc Prem

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Tenor Ukuleles

You may be wondering, “is a tenor Ukulele the best choice for my music?” In a head-to-head comparison between a standard soprano Uke and the tenor ukulele, there is a significant difference. The tenor ukulele comes with a large body that makes its sound more clear and deep and a pretty impressive projection that is hard to beat. However, the best tenor ukulele will be the one that meets your music needs.

Tenor Ukulele Tuning

If you prefer alternate tunings, then our tenor ukulele is the best choice for you. The standard tenor ukulele tuning is set at C-G-E-A. Also, tenor ukuleles can be played in the standard baritone/ guitar ukulele tuning setting of (D-G-B-E). There are also other tuning settings but not very common.

Shop Tenor Ukuleles Online

If you are looking for the right tenor ukulele to boost your music, or need assistance to find one, Island Bazaar has you covered. We have great ukulele-related content on our website. We have several unique tenor ukuleles listed on our website including their specific details and clear images. To help maintain your treasured tenor ukulele, Island Bazaar offers its clients a range of ukulele accessories, including, ukulele gig bags and cases, ukulele strings, and much more.

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Why Choose Island Bazaar Ukes

There are so many ukulele models and sizes available in the market today. Some of these instruments might not be meeting the original ukulele standards. It can also be overwhelming and disappointing if you are looking to play the ukulele for your classroom training or personal enjoyment and you end up getting the wrong instrument.

Island Bazaar Ukes is here to help you choose the right model, size and make sense of the advantages and features for each of the different ukulele sizes. We make the process of choosing the right tenor ukulele easy and simpler for you.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Tenor Ukuleles come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each instrument is carefully assembled by professionals and goes through rigorous quality testing.


Our shipping is free for all purchases that are over $250. We apply a Shipping fee of $19 if your ukulele is less than $250.

We'll confirm and work on the order within 1-3 business days which is the processing time. And after that, we will hand over your instrument within 3-10 days to the shipping company.

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