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Ukulele Pickup Systems from the Best Ukulele Site Island Bazaar - Island Bazaar Ukes

Ukulele Pickup Systems from the Best Ukulele Site Island Bazaar

We offer top of the line Ukulele Pickup Systems.  Uninstalled prices shown.  Installed price can be found on each Ukulele's Order Form.

Get a ukulele pickup system installed at The Island Bazaar Ukes

If you want to play your uke onstage, you‚Äôll need to ‚Äúplug in‚ÄĚ to be heard.

There are a few different ways to plug in for uke players who want to play through an amplifier or connect to the sound board at your local venue.

Which pickup system you need depends on your budget and how you want your uke to sound.  Here’s the three types we recommend (and sell).

Piezo and Preamp Pickup Systems

  • Monkey Undersaddle Passive Pickup¬†(custom made for Island Bazaar)
  • MiSi Acoustic Trio Rechargable¬†Pickup,
  • L.R. Baggs FIVE.0¬†Pickup,
  • Fishman AG-Series Passive Undersaddle¬†Pickup.

These pickup systems have a transducer that sits underneath the bridge ‚Äúsaddle‚ÄĚ.¬† they are usually combined with a battery-powered preamp because the signal alone is weak.¬† They create an electrical signal from the string‚Äôs vibration and changes to the pressure on the bridge.¬† This type of pickup system is called a piezo (pee-EH-zo¬†or¬†PIE-zo) pickup.¬† The word comes from the Greek word, ‚Äúpressure‚ÄĚ.

This type of pickup system is popular, reliable and easy to use.  When played through an amplifier or soundboard, they usually have a bright sound that is acoustic-like. They don’t cause much feedback either.

Installing one correctly takes precision and experience, so leave it tour professional luthier to install for you. 

These pickup systems include volume and/or tone controls and are powered by either replaceable batteries (L.R. Baggs Five 0) or have a built-in and rechargeable system (Mi-Si Acoustic Trio).

Soundboard Transducers Pickup System

  • K&K Aloha Twin Double-Sensor Pickup

A soundboard transducer is also a piezo system and a good choice if you want an amplified sound a little close to the natural acoustic sound of your uke. It uses a one or two small discs that attaches to the inside of your uke to create a signal from vibrations of your uke’s top and bridge. They usually have an endpin preamp.

We carry the K&K Aloha Twin for our soundboard transducer pickup systems.  Our luthier finds just the right spot on your uke to install this pickup so you can be sure to get the best sound possible.

We carry uke needs, or budget, there are several reliable and good-sounding solutions out there for today’s amplified ukulele player.

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Ukulele Pickup Systems from the Best Ukulele Site Island Bazaar

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