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Friends of Island Bazaar

Just some of our Fabulous Friends and Supporters

Craig and Sarah discovered a similar passion and work ethic and as of September, 2015 are now married! They have made an incredible splash in the ‘ukulele scene with their complementing styles and vocal harmonies. Craig and Sarah have been featured at ‘Ukulele Festivals and events all over the world including Cairns and the Sunshine Coast (Australia), Cheltenham and Huddersfield (United Kingdom), Vancouver (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Honolulu (HI), and all over the continental US. Both feel very fortunate to have been featured on the cover of ‘Ukulele Magazine. Their love of teaching has blossomed into a successful Online ‘Ukulele School with Artistworks; the joy for music and teaching always follows them wherever they travel. They currently live in Honolulu, HI.


This is such a strange time for artists and musicians, with cancellations of events, festivals, and concerts around the globe. My husband Jack and I have been staying home and performing a bunch on the internet as Jack & the Vox. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we go live!
I will be focusing on my skills and songwriting during this mandated staycation, and I will graciously accept support via or monthly support via my Patreon page. Thank you. ❤


Aldrine Guerrero is the head instructor and co-owner of the Ukulele Underground. Moving to Hawaii at the age of 7 from the Philippines, Aldrine has taught hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world to play the ukulele. Starting out in small town venues when he was still in middle school, Aldrine has captivated audiences on stages all around the globe including US, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, China, Australia, Czech republic, UK, and France.
Aldrine has shared his ukulele knowledge for over a decade through his website Ukulele Underground. He’s been growing the next generation of ukulele players since its conception and has garnered students, fans, and lifetime friends from every corner of the world.




As a teacher, composer, recording artist, entertainer, and producer, Herb Ohta, Jr. solidly establishes himself in the company of musicians who promote our Hawaiian instrument in the music landscape today. It is Herb’s goal to share the beauty of Hawai’i’s music, its culture, and the ‘ukulele to people all over the world. Herb has performed throughout the state of Hawai‘i and has traveled overseas to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, The United Kingdom, and the mainland USA.
Herb Ohta, Jr. is certainly a vanguard of his generation of ‘ukulele players, and he is well on his way to matching his father’s legacy.


As of 2020, my music career largely revolves around touring North America, teaching at music camps, festivals, and concert series, as well as presenting my one man musical history shows like:  scraps of quilting music,  jews n blues, and  the jews of tin pan alley.
I perform about 125-150 shows a year, sometimes alone, and sometimes when I'm lucky, my wife Jenna and daughter Mariela travel with me. 
Locally,  I run a ukulele club and annual ukulele festival and I can often be found teaching music at Mead Library in Sheboygan, as well as Brass Bell Music Store in Milwaukee.

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