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Oasis OH-18 Humidifier

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Hand-crafted in America, Oasis® humidifiers are the best solution to the challenge of humidifying fine instruments. Whether you play a bowed string instrument, a flat top steel string guitar, or a nylon string classical guitar, you’ve made a significant investment. An effective, easy-to-use humidifier is necessary for your instrument in dry weather and is far less expensive than costly repairs caused by dry weather damage.

Oasis® humidifiers are a hollow multi-layer tube that holds more water than traditional absorbent-based humidifiers, which use a kitchen sponge material, floral foam or clay. The Humigel crystals™ we use in the tube suspend water in a gel that prevents damaging leaks, but still allows for an effective, consistent supply of moisture for your instrument. Oasis® humidifiers work because of a thin membrane which lines the inside of the humidifier. The blue or khaki fabric is outside and a liner is on the inside. These liners works on a similar principle as the waterproof breathable material known as Gore-Tex®. We actually have several liners which are specifically designed for use in Oasis® humidifiers. They allow water vapor, but not liquid water, to escape through the fabric. Our blue humidifiers emit water vapor at a slower rate than our khaki humidifiers. Blue

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