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Ukulele Made in Hawaii – History and Origin

One of the most impressive cultural musical instruments is the Ukulele that originated in Hawaii. This instrument plays a crucial role in the island culture, and if you visit Hawaii, there are high chances you will enjoy the ukulele music either in hotels or different tourism sites. The Hawaiian-built Ukulele was designed for locals, but the instrument gained much love over the years and found its way into almost every part of the world. Today, the handmade Ukulele brings joy to millions of people across the globe. 

History of Ukulele 

The origin of the Hawaiian-built Ukulele can be traced back to 1878 when Portuguese immigrants arrived on the Island. Typically, immigrants usually come with their cultures and beliefs. As a result, immigrants brought different innovations into the Island, and one of them was a stringed sound instrument which they referred to as Machete De Braga. The acoustic tool had four metal strings and, when played, produced lovely music audio that drove the locals crazy, and the love for the instrument grew from there. The settled immigrates then started modifying the tool. They added some features borrowed from similar stringed instruments popular in Hawaii those days and later formed the now known modern Ukulele. 

Although it’s well-known that three cabinet makers constructed the first custom ukulele, it’s not easy to tell why the Hawaiians fell in love with the instrument to the point of making it one of their cultural musical tools. Later, King Kalakaua, also referred to as the savior of Hawaiian National identity, insisted on Ukulele being played in royal events. The decision is attributed to the ukulele popularity across the Island and later around the globe. 

Why is Ukulele a unique instrument?

You might think Ukulele is a standard small guitar, but not every guitar player can play it. The guitarist might have a rough skill, but Ukulele is a whole different instrument. Yes, Hawaiian Style Ukulele share various similarities with a standard acoustic guitar, especially the classical variety. The size, shape, and principle operation are almost the same as a common stringed instrument. However, the Hawaiian Ukulele has a different type of tuning, meaning it requires different playing techniques and chords. Ukuleles have four strings with G-C-E-A as the standard tuning, and each string has different keys. Those are the features that make ukuleles unique and different from the usual guitar. 

Where to buy the best Hawaiian-built Ukulele?

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