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Ohana TK-350G Tenor Ukulele: Exquisite Koa Sound and Unbeatable Value

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Introducing this Ohana TK-350G Tenor Ukulele LIMITED EDITION with Case now available at The Island Bazaar.

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable Ohana TK-350G, our finest tenor ukulele crafted with exceptional attention to detail and offering an unbeatable combination of quality, sound, and value.

Experience the allure of the all-solid koa construction, sourced responsibly from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Known as the classic Hawaiian tonewood, koa delivers a punchy, warm, and full-bodied tone that is quintessentially Hawaiian. With the Ohana TK-350G, you can immerse yourself in the distinct sound of Hawaii without breaking the bank.

The high gloss finish of the TK-350G not only enhances its stunning appearance but also brings out the unique and mesmerizing grain of the koa wood. Every strum reveals the beauty and character of the instrument, making it a true visual delight. The abalone rosette and hardwood binding further elevate its aesthetic appeal, adding an elegant touch that catches the eye.

Beyond its exquisite looks, the Ohana TK-350G is designed to deliver exceptional sound. The solid koa construction provides remarkable resonance and projection, ensuring that your melodies fill the room with clarity and richness. The instrument offers excellent sustain and a pleasing tonal balance, allowing you to explore a wide range of musical styles and genres with confidence and expressiveness.

What sets the Ohana TK-350G apart is its incredible value. While most all-solid koa wood tenor ukuleles are priced between $1200-1800, we offer this remarkable instrument for under $700, making it an unheard-of opportunity to own a high-quality koa ukulele at an accessible price point. Ohana once again proves its commitment to providing outstanding instruments that exceed expectations.

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship, superior sound, and remarkable value of the Ohana TK-350G tenor ukulele. With its stunning koa wood construction, adorned with an abalone rosette and hardwood binding, this instrument rivals those of renowned manufacturers at a fraction of the price. Unleash your creativity and let the warm tones of Hawaiian koa accompany your musical journey.

Don't miss this limited edition opportunity to own a true gem. Elevate your playing experience with the Ohana TK-350G and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of koa wood ukuleles.

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