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Ukuleles vs Guitars:  Do YOU know the difference? Island Bazaar Blog - Island Bazaar Ukes

Ukuleles vs Guitars: Do YOU know the difference? Island Bazaar Blog

Ukuleles vs Guitars:  Do YOU know the difference? 

Guitars and ukuleles are a popular and string instrument widely used in the music industry.

The two have a rich history of their origins which can be traced back to ancient years. However, guitar and ukulele construction and usage are different. Interestingly, many people still can’t tell the difference between the two excellent musical instruments. 

So, what is Ukulele?

Ukulele is a small Hawaiian stringed musical instrument that Portuguese immigrants developed. The immigrants came to Hawaii with their culture, and out of their innovation, they made the now known ukulele musical instrument. In Hawaii, the Ukulele means “jumping flea,” a name derived from the instrument players' energetic appearance while fingerpicking. 

What is a Guitar?

This is a stringed instrument that has been in existence for centuries though in different forms such as nylon-string classical guitar, electric guitar, steel-string guitar, lap steel guitar, resonator guitar, and pedal steel guitar. The majority of the guitars gave six strings. 

Where does the difference come in?

The key differences between these two musical instruments can be categorized in various aspects, including; 

  1. The size 

The most significant difference between the Hawaiian Style Ukulele and the guitar is the size. Typically, ukuleles are 35% to 50% smaller in size compared to the majority of guitars. The exact dimensions of both the guitar and the Ukulele vary from one manufacturer to another, but ukuleles are always smaller than the guitars. 

  • Total length in Ukulele ranges from 21 – 26 inches, while in guitar the range is 38 – 41 inches 
  • Body length in Ukulele is between 10 and 13 inches, while in guitar is between 19 and 21 inches. 
  • The scale length in the Ukulele is 13- 17 inches, while the guitar is 23 – 26 inches. 
  1. Number of strings 

The majority of the guitars have six strings, while most of the Ukuleles feature only four strings. Many people find the ukulele easier to play because it has fewer strings than the guitar.  Both instruments have alternate string configurations, for instance, 8-string ukuleles and 12-string guitars. You will also find 4-string and 6-string ukuleles and guitars.

On the other hand, the strings used in the construction of a guitar and Ukulele are also different. 

Guitar strings 

  • Mostly made of metal 
  • High tension 
  • Louder with a brighter tone

Ukulele strings 

  • Made of synthetic material or nylon 
  • Low tension 
  • A warmer and softer tone 
  1. Tuning Differences 

The standard ukulele tuning is G-C-E-A, while guitar tuning is E-A-G-D-B-E. The two instruments are tuned differently but closely related. However, some guitars and ukuleles have different tuning from the standard ones. 

  1. Sound difference 

Ukuleles and guitars produce different tones, and that’s where the most significant difference between the two instruments comes in. Both have a wide tone variable which makes it challenging to construct a one-fits-all instrument. Guitar tones are brighter, louder with more bass. Ukuleles have a quieter, gentle, and sweet tone. 

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Ukuleles vs Guitars:  Do YOU know the difference? Island Bazaar Blog 


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